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RW Investment Strategies (RWIS) is an independent investment advisor firm and a low-fee investment management practice located in Greene County, VA. Typical clients include investors managing their own assets as well as investors pursuing the possibility of managing their own assets. RWIS also offers second opinions for those with concerns about their present advisors.

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RWIS accepts the voluminous evidence supporting the idea that markets are basically efficient and that, therefore, it is futile to attempt to outperform markets. In fact, as John Bogle, the founder of Vanguard and others have been arguing for more than 35 years, the evidence shows that investors, on average, do best in low-cost indexed funds. This is the approach practiced by RWIS. The investment management fee at RWIS is less than half that charged by typical investment managers.

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On this web site, you will find tabs to my experience in investment management, the teaching field, and my educational background as well as tabs to some of my achievements and other pursuits. Selecting other tabs will lead you to RWIS forms and useful online calculators for investment purposes, informative investment web sites, something for the kids, and how to contact me. Look around this site and ask questions. I would be pleased to accept your queries.

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